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This is the first of a series of books, all of which come under the group heading of the Free Land Chronicles. The Gathering of the U'Narai tells of the attempt by the dark warlock Aldar to bring together twelve spheres of power, with which he hopes to become master of not just the world, but all worlds. Set against him is Emkel, a young elf with emerging powers of his own, who finds himself thrust into the middle of events that began long before his birth. With the help of other elves, humans, witches, a werewolf and even a vampire or two Emkel must find a way to stop the dark warlock before everything that he has come to know and love is destroyed. In a world where magic is as common as rain secrets abound, the gods watch from on high and down below, and no one is quite what they appear.

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The second book to feature the young elf, Emkel. Now married and with a child on the way, he has become king of Finlea after the mysterious disappearance of the former regent. While he struggles to settle into his new role, vampire politics in the north threaten to bring a much darker power than Aldar back into the world. The Great Mother is woken in order to do battle with The Destroyer and caught in the middle are the elves.

The third book to feature Emkel, who is no longer so young or inexperienced. Many years have passed since the Dark Destroyer fought the Great Mother and Emkel has become a different man; a man of secrets, a man troubled by what he has become. Can the only woman he ever loved save him from himself or is it too late?

Jargo Mortag was captain of the dark warlock's army but after the events detailed in The Gathering of the U'Narai he finds himself a hunted war criminal. He runs to the only people who might help him - his family - but they are less than thrilled to see him. For a man used to being the hunter not the hunted Captain Mortag finds danger all around him: in the form of angry victims, in the shape of a mad little witch and more significantly from his very own mother. Like everyone else in the Free Land there is more to Julill Mortag than meets the eye. She is a woman of secrets; a woman with long-held ambitions and is not about to have them thwarted by a wayward son.

This is the second book to feature the ambitious Julill Mortag, and introduces us to the girl she once was.

The girl Julill Mortag was once loved a young mercenary, but who is Valorian? What made him the man he is and like all else in the Free Land is he exactly what he seems?

Julill's ambitions have borne fruit. There is a throne beneath her and a crown above, but as all ambitious people know nothing is ever enough. Gaining a crown was just the first step on a long road for Julill. If permitted to travel any further down it darkness will blanket the Free Land. The only obstacles in her way are Queen Farina of Maranea and Queen Anya of Finlea. This will be a woman's battle but which one will emerge victorious?

This follows on from the events detailed in Swiftsword. Julill is an ambitious woman but dark creatures have set her on a shadowy path, and if people have to die for her to get what she wants then so be it. The Red Lady is hungry and her desire is for blood.

The Dark Queen follows on from The Red Lady and will detail the events leading up to those in Three Queens.

This story will be set between the events detailed in Kings and Queens and those in Secrets. This novel is currently unfinished as I have been working on some other stuff but I hope to get back to it at some point.

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