Drink of This

It ran before me

A river of red

Warm and slick its waters were

I cupped my hands and drank deeply

It tasted of copper and passion

It tasted of life

And of death

I drank until I could drink no more

Over my tongue that richness trickled

Then down my gullet

Slipping its way down that gulping passage

Thick and creamy it wound its way

Heat warmed my chest

And then bloomed in my belly

All the parts of me knew that heat

Like wildfire it raced through my limbs

Down to the very tips of my toes

And the ends of my grasping fingers

There was heat behind my eyes

My pupils expanded

Dark little mirrors widening in delight

A tear trickled down each cheek

Shining ruby red against my pale skin

A warm hand trailed commanding fingers up and down my spine

Playing each knobbly protuberance with expertise

Flesh and bone

Skin and sinew

Muscle and marrow

This is the only instrument worth playing

I drank again

My thirst was slaked

But now I drank not to satisfy an animal need

But for the simple pleasure of tasting such deliciousness

I wetted my lips

And licked them clean with my careful tongue

Which missed no drop

Then I drank again

Gulping and gulping

Gulping down handful after handful

Of that sweet fiery nectar

And the heat bloomed again

Exploding in my belly

A hot flower bursting open within me

Sending shivers through me

And again those expert hands played my body

Warm fingers twisting in my hair

Hot hands caressing my shoulders

Scorching lips moving from breast to belly to thigh

I drank again

And again

And again

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